1. How much plum extract should a person take daily to be effective?

According to the Japan long-term experience of life, daily per serving is 3g. We entrust the
Chinese Medicine University to do the diabetes mouse's experiment, separately lets the mouse
eat 3g, 6g and 12g, finally discovered eats 6g the diabetes mouse index to drop the most.
Next is the diabetes mouse which eats 12g, again next is the diabetes mouse which eats 3g,
compares Japanese the experience and many likes customer's experience, we suggested a
healthy person to consume 3g everyday (approx size of regular peanut), when a person is not
feeling well, we suggested daily usage is between 3~12g (morning, noon and/or evening).
Plum extract is a natural food product, so there is no side effect.

2. When is the best time consuming plum extract? Can it mix in water or add sugar?

For best result, take plum extract before breakfast with empty stomach and/or before bedtime.
If you have a sensitive stomach simply take the product after meal. Meiganic plum extract is a
natural food product. It is non-drugs, so as long as taking suggested serving in one day would
be good to stay healthy. Yes, it can mix in hot (warm) water serve as beverage. For adult and
child not use to sour taste may add brown (black) sugar or honey and mix with water. For
person with blood sugar problem, we suggest using organic sweetener such as agave nectar.
Use hot water to easy dissolve. Hot water will not destroy the nutrient in the plum extract.

3. Can pregnant woman eat the plum extract?

Yes, because plum extract is the natural food non-drugs, it has no negative effect. In eastern
culture, pregnant women like to eat sour food such as plum (ume). In Western culture, some
pregnant women have similar type of craving for sour fruit such as green apple and/or pickles
during pregnancy. Generally acidity food can help improve the calcareous absorption better. It
is also quite beneficial to help baby grows. This is the bodily function natural response.

4. Can children eat the plum extract?

Yes, children can eat the plum extract. Meiganic plum extract is all natural food products and it
is safe for all ages. The new born babies’ physiques are low-alkalinity, but along with the age
growth, the pollution in our environment plus improper diet, one’s physique cans the
unceasing acidification. This acidity blood affects the blood the quality drop, further corrodes
organ and so on heart Tibet, blood vessel, kidney, but initiates a series of diseases. For
example, heart disease, hypertension, encephalorrhagia, diabetes, gout and so on, but these
sicknesses are generally called the cardiovascular system disease. Therefore if children start
early adjusting the physique to become low-alkaline by nature, one can prevent many
diseases and lower the occurrences. If a child cans custom to eat acidity in high alkalinity type
food, one can guarantee the good health for a lifetime.

5. Can elderly people eat the plum extract?

Yes, generally elderly people blood circulation to be worse, according to Dr. Y.Chuda
(Vanderbilt University, USA) in view of the human body blood in vitro fluid research, discovered
plum extract has the improvement or the increase blood mobile effect in capillary therefore the
plum extract has improved blood circulation for the health care effect. (Journal of Agriculture
and food chemistry, 1999, 47, 828831), therefore the elderly people eat plum extract besides
may accelerate the blood circulation, further the citric acid circulation. Plum extract can also
help improve energy level.

6. Can one eats plum extract to improve the constipation? If appears the having
diarrhea phenomenon is that normal?

According to Japanese Tertiary University medicine education ministry Dr. Yitou confirmed
that, the experiment carries on which the green plum extract can promote the stomach and
intestines to wriggle, and may promote digest secretion. Today people eat more and do less
exercise. Usually, people sit in the office lacking physical movement. Generally, this is one of
causes for stomach and intestine wriggle extremely that are not all normal. Therefore most
people have the constipation problems. As Dr. Yitou carries on the experiment, plum extract
stimulates the stomach and intestines to wriggle, for people who have constipation problem
gone and no need to take medicine. But there are few people have experienced reaction to
stomach and intestines to the plum extract. The response appears having slight diarrhea
phenomenon. This is normal. On average this symptom can go away after the 1~2 day,
moreover one might reduce serving in half, after waited the body to adapt then increase the
plum extract back to normal serving amount.

7. During the plum extract manufacture process are there any additives added?

No, nothing added. This is simply to presses out the juice and use low flame to boil out for 100
hours into super concentrated plum extract.

8. Why does plum extract a little salty taste?

The green plum (ume) is packed with many native ores matter, including natrium, potassium,
calcium, magnesium...... The trace element eats the salty feeling after the concentration, these
native ore matters are the super alkalinity food origins.

9. Why does plum extract have sweetness after taste?

Green plum itself has 2~3% sugar, in the boil process and the organic acid union, synthesizes
the new matter, the scientific research confirms plum extract has many effects all related with
this matter therefore this feeling of sweetness after taste. Meiganic plum extract is 100% pure.
It has no sugar, no preservative and no additive. All natural and organic grown.
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